Our Services

We can help the different property business participants
in many different ways

We help investors get higher returns on their investment

We help landlords enjoy long term passive rental income

We help people to sell their properties and move on with their lives

Our aim is to help them on :

Getting higher returns on their investments

Enjoying long term passive rental income

Selling their properties and moving on with their lives

More About Our Services


If you are a landlord and would like to have all the benefits of a passive rental income but none of the hassle, we can help you. We can take away the day-to-day hassle of maintaining the property and offer you an agreed monthly guaranteed rent for up to 5 years.
Also, we can help landlords to maximise the current return on investment of their properties. Some benefits of our landlord services :

  • Passive income
    You can receive the agreed rent every month in advance, with no void periods, for up to 5 years
  • No void periods
    On average a rented property in the UK remains empty for 4 weeks every year. During this period not only do you lose out on the income, you also need to keep the property maintained, pay the billsand the council tax.
  • No maintenance
    Normally the landlord is responsible for all the maintenance. If you rent your house to us we will take the responsibility of all maintenance costs.
  • No letting agent fees
    You will not need to pay a letting agent as we will advertise your property, find the right tenants, perform credit checks, organise viewings, create the contracts and carry out the inventory check-in/check-out. This could save you the agent’s fee, which could be as high as 15%.
  • No refurbishing
    If required, we can carry out light refurbishing and supply good quality furniture at no cost to you.
  • Maintain the value of your asset
    It’s important that we maintain your property to a high standard to cut down on void periods, and so at the same time we protect the value of your asset.
  • At the end of the lease period
    You can have your property back in a better condition, you can renew the contract with us, or even sell to us for a good price.


We provide a bespoke property sourcing service working with clients on an individual basis. We consistently source quality property deals with healthy cashflows, strong yields, and outstanding return on investment. For every deal we will produce an analysis report that will provide investors with confidence on buying the right property with the right return on investment for them. We can work along other investors in Joint Venture partnerships if we esteem that the deal will bring the right benefit to both parties.


We can help vendors sell their properties quick and deal with all sorts of different challenges vendors are confronted in our current times :

  • Distressed property, in need of a deep refurbishment
  • Non mortgageable property
  • Property with no equity
  • Property in risk of repossession
  • Family breakdown or illness
  • Relocation
  • Broken chains
  • Property with low rental income

We always think and work creatively to create a win/win solution for all parties involved.